Home Automation Security Systems Give Homeowners Control of their Domain

Is Your Home Smart

Our homes are our greatest assets, housing within them our valuables such as family, pets, and personal belongings. The security of our homes is of utmost importance for the preservation of our property and the ones we love.  Today, many new products exist in home security that enable home owners to choose from a wide range of innovative technological tools to keep their property and families safe.


Workplaces, homes, and even vehicles are all finding better security with the new “smart” and “connected” devices that increase security and improve convenience.  Offering people tools to strategically increase their safety while improving their ability to connect with the system, these devices offer numerous personalized options.


The Internet is used to connect these security devices to each other, and to other items that perform various functions, through the use of apps that control them. Bluetooth, WiFi, the Internet, and a home network are all means by which these devices may be connected.


Home automation systems often begin with lighting and thermostats, but can be expanded to include additional connected devices. Some common devices that can be part of the home’s network are entertainment systems, appliances, and personal assistant devices. 


Also included in the network can be the home’s security system. The inclusion of security cameras, motion detectors, video doorbells, and smart locks, has become a popular line of defense in home security.  Having these tools networked into one system that is controlled by a single control panel allows a homeowner the ability to control the security devices from anywhere, not just from home base.


Additionally, lighting can be an important part of a home’s defense system as it can be programmed through the home’s automation system to be remotely turned on or off, providing lighted exterior walkways and interior rooms to the homeowner returning home. 


The use of light can again be a tactical tool in the security of a home by programming rooms to be lit up even when the home owner is away, giving the appearance of someone remaining in the home.  


In the same sense that automated lighting can thwart potential burglars, motion sensors and security cameras can be accessed remotely and monitored in real-time by the homeowners, giving instant feedback on the wellbeing of the property.


People who choose to combine the security system with a home automation technology, can know what is happening in their home at all times. Because having a  home security system is the number one  deterrence of would be burglars, it makes sense to use a system that has the technology of a home automation system with added security features.

How a Hosted PBX Phone System Can Benefit Your Business


Nearly 65 percent of American consumers still prefer to contact a business by phone. This is why making sure you have a reliable phone system in place is so important. Traditional phone systems are both extremely expensive and prone to repairs.

Are you looking for a way to take your phone communications into the 21st century? If so, a hosted PBX system may be just what you need. The key to getting the best deal and top-notch features is finding the right hosted PBX phone system supplier.

Read below to find out more about the benefits that come with using this type of phone system.

These Phone Systems are Cost-Effective

Staying on budget should be one of your main priorities as a small business owner. The longer you keep a traditional phone system in place, the more you will ultimately have to pay for it. Instead of sinking money into a bottomless pit of communication, now is the time to embrace a hosted PBX system.

Since the PBX system is manded by a third-party vendor, you don’t have to worry about putting infrastructure for it in place. All you need is an Internet connection to get this system installed and functional. Once you see how fast and convenient this system is, you will wonder how you ever go by without it.

PBX Phone Systems are Easy to Scale

As your business grows, so will your need for more phone lines, devices and bandwidth. Trying to expand a traditional phone system is both expensive and extremely complex. The last thing you want is the inability to scale your phone system to get in the way of growth.

When the need for more phone lines, extensions and connectivity arise, you can address these issues with the click of a button if you have a hosted PBX system in place. Before choosing a hosted PBX provider, be sure to find out more about the features they offer. Choosing a company that offers the features you need now and may need in the future is vital.

Avoid The Aggravation of Maintaining a Phone System

Not only can a traditional phone system be unreliable, it also requires a lot of maintenance to stay functional. Most business owners have a pretty full schedule, which means you don’t have the time to perform this maintenance. Updating your existing phone system to hosted PBX can help you leave the stress of maintaining a phone system to a professional.

The third-party you pay for this phone system will perform all necessary maintenance and repairs. This means all you have to worry about is running and growing your business. Allowing professionals to handle this complicated work can help you avoid additional costs, it will also keep your new phone system more reliable.

Weigh All of Your Options


The market is littered with hosted PBX phone system options. This is why you need to do exhaustive research before making a selection. The time and effort you put into this research will pay off in the long run.