Rural Internet Service

Providing Fast and Affordable Internet Service for Rural Customers and Small Business . The service Triangle Technologies provides is very similar to your wireless cellphone, Our Internet service is connected directly to your Home or Business via a signal from our local area cellular towers and not from satellites in space. There’s no need to worry about landlines or phone lines. Triangle Technologies is faster than most rural internet services, cost effective and excellent alternative to DSL and satellite service.

michigan Rural Internet
4g modem black

Sign Up For Internet Service

Sign up for your monthly internet service and purchase your 4G/LTE router to receive service.

*150 gb of data per month with no overages.

Average speeds of service is between 10-20 Mbps subject to carriers and location of service.

Monthly Internet Plan $89 a month

One Time Equipment Cost $199 (Modem w/sim, Directional Antenna and 40′ of cable)

One Time Installation Fee $100